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Guest Writing & Interviews


Catherine Cushenan, also know as Cat Sharks, has spent the past six years travelling the tropics, studying shark behaviour - with a little bit of tourism action and videography on the side. She is a shark ecologist, drone pilot and freediver from the U.K. whom has dedicated her life to saving the ocean and its inhabitants. Read below to find out about her enviable relationship with sharks.



A little chat with another Psycho Mermaid about the ocean, our favourite moments playing with various animals in the sea, trials and tribulations of working in the field. Also, we got tipsy throughout the podcast so listen out for rambling towards the end. 



I had a conversation with my local divestore about the ups and downs of life in quarantine and adapting to being back in England- and of course, sharks!

Sirene Project

An interview about what it's like to feel disheartened in the world of marine biology, and why you need to push through the downfalls to be proud of yourself.


make the ocean great again

An interview with one of my great pals from my time at the University of the Algarve. We also spent time together in the Azores, but here we are actually talking about motivation, inspiration, and the benefits of Instagram as a means of finding employment!


special tours

A feature I wrote about humpback whale identification and the importance of fluke print matching to contribute to the worldwide migration and population understanding.

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